Gift of Independence

Esoterically the practice of wearing a thumb ring means you’re either trying to emphasis your independence and individuality or inhibiting some aspect of the self. I guess its whatever you feel like or you may be doing both.

Historically, (ie, the 1500’s) wearing a thumb ring meant you were a doctor or pretending to be one. Also, centuries ago women would wear their husbands wedding rings on their thumbs when they left for battle or died.

You can also choose which thumb to wear a thumb ring on. To wear a ring on the left hand is a reflection on the subconscious or your instincts, beliefs, and basic attitudes. To wear a ring on the right is a focus on the conscious, reflecting logic, awareness, and the material world. More recently to wear a thumb ring on the right indicates that you are into same sex relations.

Many people seem to be concerned about whether or not its okay for them to wear a thumb ring. I say forget the current trend in meaning and wear one if you want because it constantly changes. Interestingly thumb rings are usually interchangeable with your index or middle finger. They are also more comfortable when worn on the non-dominant hand.

Currently thumb rings are sold everywhere from gumball machines to upscale jewelry manufacturers. They can be made of plastic or platinum and made in a simple band or elaborate framing with braiding, or shapes like hearts inside.

Masonic Rings

The tools represented in the Masons symbol are working tools (the square, level, plumb, etc.) which remind members of the tenets of the craft. Members today are said to be of the ‘craft.’ Freemasonry exists in many parts of the globe as a basically social club with many levels of status for the members to work their way through. When a member has reached a higher degree there is a ceremony to officially confer the new ranking.

Stonemason’s tools represented in the Masonic symbol are used to stand for basic virtues. The three overriding Masonic principles are brotherly love, relief, and truth. Most will wear rings bearing the symbol of the Masons with other certain attributes like background colors to indicate that they are a Mason and come from a specific lodge or that you have attained a specific degree of status within the Masons.

Some rings can be quite expensive for those who have gained a higher degree within the Masons. Most members’ rings run an average of one hundred dollars. They are quite bold in statement, with a wide band and some containing gemstones and gold or silver. The more averaged priced ring will simply be the steel or brass with the Masonic emblem on a colored background. A lot of ring manufacturers pride themselves on being able to offer these rings handcrafted one at a time, by Masons for Masons.

Discount Coach Handbags

Do you find it a bit confusing? I just wanted to give you a fair comparison of present and past. There is a hallmark of difference in the lifestyles nowadays. It is not difficult to see the difference.

Not to mention the fashion has been the part of our lives since years. We cannot imagine ourselves living without style and fashion. Everybody has to accommodate himself with the advancement not only of technology but also with fashion. It is important to understand that fashion not only ends with dresses it is connected with our lifestyle.

Among many other fashions, the top name in accessories is of handbags. The top most name in the list of leather handbags is of Coach. This company is involved in fashion accessories like purses, handbags, belts and leather coats.

Coach products can be easily obtained from Coach Outlet Stores, Coach Factory Outlet or even from Coach Online Outlet Stores. All coach outlets provide a wide range of designs and colors. The best part of the deal is these products are guaranteed to be original. Coach online outlet stores also offer Coach Coupons. These coupons provide the opportunity to avail special discounts on the Coach product available on these stores.

A person can easily browse many coach outlet stores without wasting time and diesel for the car. Various online coach stores offer different as well as recent variety of coach products. Further these products are also offered at the much better and discounted rates.

Now we should come back again to “fashion”. A recent survey conducted on fashionable women reveals that 80% women feel more comfortable when they carry a matching Handbag with their dress.

Fashion is another name of good combination.

Fragrance Shops

If you shop at websites of the perfume companies on the internet, ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for, lest you will be taken for a ride. Ascertain the brand and check for discounts. Compare the prices to make sure that you get the best deal.

There are many brands that offer some the most preferred fragrances at discount prices. Other than the internet that offers discount, there are certain occasions when perfumes are sold at discounted rates, for example on Mother’s Day. Well, it dos not mean that you need to buy a gift only for your mother. You could always purchase a few scents when you get them at discounted prices and use them as gifts as and when the occasion arises.

Another good place to shop for women’s scents at discounted prices will be at the company outlets itself. Very often there are certain companies that sell their good perfumes at lower prices as an introductory offer or even to make way for newer of their products.

Now another point to keep in mind when you are out looking for fragrances is that if you are searching for something totally new, it would be better if you visit a local perfume store so that you can smell the flavors and then make your decision. But if it is some scent that you have been using then there is absolutely no harm in ordering it online and that is really where the best bargains are.

When shopping for women’s scents on the internet, it would be a great idea if you could try to get it from a shop within your region itself so that if there are any problems then it will be far easier for you to get to them directly. Only ensure that you are purchasing the actual perfume and not the “knock off” or a fake.

Save Money On Back To School Shopping

  • isn’t always the broadest, we can find shoes for all of the kids at lower prices (many times) than even Walmart!
  • I like to hit up the local thrift stores to see what they have in the way of blue jeans for my kids before going to Walmart, Kmart, or the like. Many times I can find some name brand (meaning extremely expensive brands) jeans for pennies on the dollar. I never take my kids with me, though. If they don’t know where the Levi’s came from, then they will wear them with pride!
  • I buy my kids the durable backpacks… not the ones with the pretty pictures of the cartoon characters or the latest teenage craze on them. I have found that these backpacks don’t last 2 months, much less half the school year. My kids get the plain, but durable backpacks that I won’t have to replace over and over again.
  • I like to get the school supplies lists at the end of the previous school year, if possible. This helps me to save money on unneeded school supplies.
  • I also shop ALL of the ads for everything! Walmart will match their competitors pricing, just take the ad into the store with you while shopping. That way you not only save money on the items you are purchasing, but you are saving money on the gas because you aren’t driving from store to store picking up only a few items.
  • I also try to think of everything prior to going to the store (doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does). My list that I usually take: binders, lined paper, graph paper, crayons, color pencils, markers, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners (the little one’s), glue, gym shoes, blue jeans, shorts, underwear, socks, regular shoes, backpacks… I’m probably still missing a few…


Winter Shopping Break in Edinburgh

Glasgow, Edinburgh’s neighbour to the west, is often regarded as one of the UK’s best shopping cities. However, while the city may have a larger array of shops, the experience of shopping in Edinburgh is far more beautiful. Princes Street, its primary retail artery, is uniquely designed so that all shops are situated on the same side of the street in order to preserve excellent views of the iconic Edinburgh Castle. As a result, a shopping trip on Princes Street promises to be truly picturesque.

Moreover, Edinburgh is an ideal location to indulge in some festive pre-Christmas shopping. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the atmosphere around its main shopping hub is supremely festive, with a traditional German Christmas market, theme park rides and an ice rink set up in the adjacent Princes Street Gardens. And if you can’t visit Scotland’s capital before Christmas, it’s not too late to do so after. On New Year’s Eve, Princes Street is the focal point of Edinburgh’s world-famous Hogmanay celebrations. The whole road is closed for a massive street party, from where revellers have an unparalleled view of the magnificent firework display that lights up the city’s skyline at midnight.

Nevertheless, there’s more to shopping in Edinburgh than Princes Street. Parallel George Street is home to some of the city’s most exclusive boutiques and designer stores, as well as an array of unique bars and restaurants for avid shoppers requiring sustenance. However, if you’re looking for vintage stores or one-off local gems, venture further south to the Grassmarket and Newington. Here, you’ll find a enviable range of charity outlets, second-hand book shops and chic clothing shops, like the quirky Armstrong’s vintage store and Armchair books, a treasure trove for book lovers. Alternatively, head north from Princes Street towards Leith to discover the city’s exciting and recently gentrified port area, home to some unique retail outlets and the city’s best seafood restaurants.

Due to the popularity of its Hogmanay celebrations, Edinburgh hotels can get booked up very quickly around the New Year period. So if you’re planning a trip to Scotland’s capital during this time, make sure you book your accommodation several months in advance. The relatively lower number of tourists that visit the city between November and March means that it’s often possible for people on winter weekend breaks in Edinburgh to find special deals at its best hotels.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Sales Shopping

If you usually wander around them aimlessly picking up a few ‘bargains’ here and there, things that you don’t really need and later regret buying, read on

  • Avoid the shops that roll out rails and rails of clothes stock from previous seasons. If no-one wanted them in Winter ’07 or ’06, why would you want them now?
  • Avoid high fashion items that are on their way out. Instead look for good quality investment items that won’t date such as cashmere sweaters, leather jackets and wool coats. You’ll be able to wear them for seasons and seasons to come and will be proud that you got such a good bargain.
  • If you come across an item that you really love but can’t afford in this season’s collections, don’t despair. Keep an eye on the price tag throughout December to see if the price falls drastically. If not, find a helpful assistant and ask when the item will be going in the sales and what the price will be. Sales assistants often have this information and by asking them for it you can ensure that you turn up on the right day, at the right time and go away with something you really want.
  • Have a good look through the underwear section. A certain design or colour of bra might not have been the season’s best-seller but if it is the right size and does the job it doesn’t matter – most people will never see it! Often bras can be picked up for half price or lower in the January sales and although they may not end up being your favourite special occasion bras they’re ideal for everyday use.
  • If you’re a regular attendee of glitzy evening events, parties and balls, plan ahead and get your cocktail dresses in the sales. There is usually a good selection left over after Christmas and they won’t date too quickly.
  • As with all clothes shopping, make sure the items you buy really suit your colouring and show off your figure. If you’re not sure about the colours and styles that suit you best, book a colour analysis and style consultation before you hit the sales. The initial cost may seem expensive but in the long run they will save you money on costly mistakes. Alternatively, why not book a style consultant for some personal shopping. They will give you an honest opinion and won’t let you buy unflattering items just because they are cheap. Instead they will find you bargains that really bring out the best in you.

Shopping During The Sales

I can remember doing this myself in pre-image consultant days when I decided that a summer weight aqua two piece skirt and top was what was missing from my wardrobe – and my life. It fit beautifully, more to the point it was a wonderful bargain, so despite there being a loud floral print shawl adorned with purple and yellow pansies attached to the top which wasn’t removable, I bought it. Any of my friends at the time could have told you that I wasn’t a pansy woman but that didn’t stop me, after all it was a bargain. Every now and again I used to take it out the wardrobe, try it on, marvel at the great fit and promptly put it back again. As a women who can count the number of floral prints she has ever worn over her lifetime on one finger what was I doing purchasing an outfit with a huge print attached? Let alone purple and yellow pansies! Utter madness!

Since then I have realised that I was not the only one and other people make strange purchases particularly during the sales that they never wear and which clog up their wardrobe and they spend a long time regretting the impulse which caused them to spend their hard-earned cash on the wrong thing in the first place. My advice to anyone who can think of these items in their wardrobe now is to bite the bullet and throw them out – yes, gents that includes the Hawaiian shirts, the cardigans you will never wear because they make you feel like your dad! And that roll neck sweater you bought thinking it’d look cool under your suit which you can’t quite bring yourself to put on.

And ladies that coat in orange when you never wear orange and have nothing to go with it! The skirt you fell for and bought because you thought you were going to change from a lifetime of wearing trousers etc. The party outfit of chiffon and sequins when you don’t go to parties.

My advice for buying in the sales is know your colours and your style, what your body’s shaped like and how you like to be seen. Buy second items of sweaters and trousers which you’ve bought before and hammered or buy those items in a different colour-way. Avoid high fashion colours or styles as these won’t last more than a month. Go for your neutral colours – if there’s a bargain pair of black shoes or trousers which fit well then go ahead and buy them if you know you wear black a lot and they are a classic style so will be usable next year.

In fact good advice with any sales purchase is to look at the item if it’s near the end of the season for that particular purchase and think whether you will want to wear it in ten months time because the likelihood is that you will get 2-4 weeks wear out of it and then have to put it away as the weather changes and makes it inappropriate. Do this and you won’t go far wrong.

Retail Sales

  • Appearance – Colours are a major factor in making your display stand out from the rest of your products. Finding ways to make the design contrast with the rest of your shelves is important, and don’t get carried away with complex artistic designs – your job is to direct attention, not to impress. Size is not as big a factor as you might thing, and stands can be whatever size best fits the product and display area, with location being far more important.
  • Location – Shoppers often use a scanning method to view shelves, looking for familiar colours or packaging formats. Placing your marketing displays at eye level increases the chances of your highlighted lines being seen during a visual sweep.

In terms of placement within your shop, it makes sense to place stands in the busiest areas, or places where you have captive audiences such as till queue areas. Be sure to tailor your stands to areas of the shop too, use common sense to decide which kind of shoppers are likely to be interested in which product. This can be especially useful with new niche products that people would not be aware of – think over your target audience, decide what area of your shop those shoppers will head towards, and place your stands there.

You should also give thought to where you place your stand in relation to the other products you sell. Shoppers tend to view shelves in the same direction that they read, from left to right in this country. Placing your new product to the right of an established best-seller can result on people who have searched out this product following their natural gaze over to your sales stand.

  • Persuasion & Assurance – Once you have got shopper’s attention, you need to convert that into a sale. Research has indicated that you only have around 10 seconds for your product to make its impact before a shopper will move on. Placing easily seen tags on the products with the most useful or relevant information can help convert sales – for example, noting safety certification or suitability for kids could instantly assure someone they are picking the right product. Making everything as easy as possible for your potential customer is the best way to get to a quick sale. You may also choose to employ special offers or discount stickers to keep attention on the stand and add leverage to the offer.
  • Observe – Don’t spend time setting up your displays and then just leave them be and hope for the best. Your sales records give you valuable information on how well your marketing displays work, and moving them around every month could provide interesting feedback on what works best for different products and different target customers. Take details of your display placements and dates, along with sales figures for those periods, and analyse them monthly for clues on how to optimise your setup. If you have the time and patience (or spare staff) to observe security camera footage, you may be able to pick up useful customer behaviour.

Cape May Diamonds

As it happens, this un-natural, man-made barrier is the happy accident that makes Cape May Diamonds available to you. Here is what we believe to be the origin of these unique Cape May Diamonds:

It has been estimated the journey of a Cape May Diamond begins when some quartz rocks fall from a Pennsylvania mountain into the Delaware River. This is thought to happen at or near Delaware Water Gap, in the upper reaches of Delaware River. Over time, the pebbles are washed, ever so slowly, past: Trenton, Palmyra, Camden and Philadelphia and finally to the broad reaches of the shallow, muddy Delaware Bay.

Here, on the pebble-filled shoreline of Sunset Beach, you can search for Cape May Diamonds. What you will find are clear quartz crystals that, after being polished, look like diamonds to the untrained eye. It is believed that the sunken ship has become a barrier that diverts the tides and currents carrying the Cape May Diamonds from the mountains of Pennsylvania toward the Atlantic Ocean. In this way, the journey of the quartz pebbles is changed and they are washed ashore here instead of flowing into the nearby ocean. Scientists estimate it can take over 1,000 years for a pebble to move approximately 200 miles, from the mountains of Pennsylvania to its final resting place on Sunset Beach, in Cape May New Jersey.

The largest Cape May Diamond ever found weighed almost eight ounces. Nearby gift shops sell polished Cape May Diamonds, but it’s more fun to search the beaches around Cape May for your own “diamonds.” Buff them to a shine and you’ll dupe your friends at home into thinking you’ve hit the mother lode.