Scarf Knitting Patterns

Free Scarf Knitting Paterns on the Internet

You can find scarf knitting patterns online, often at yarn manufacturers websites. It makes sense that they would develop patterns to help sell their yarn, but you don’t need to buy their yarns to download the patterns. In fact, most patterns tell you the weight or ply of the yarn you need to use for the pattern to come out right, so you can match yarn you already have to the pattern and get knitting right away.

Scarf Knitting Paterns at Your Local Yarn Shop

Many yarn shops give away free patterns when you purchase yarn, too, so your local yarn store is another source of scarf knitting patterns, and so is your local library. Look for scarf knitting books for different patterns, and check out your local bookstore and used bookstore, too.

Make Your Own

As you become a more experienced knitter, you’ll probably want to develop your own scarf patterns, as well. Scarves are one of the easiest ways to begin designing your own knitting, because they are easy to make, and they can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like. Creating your own patterns allows you creativity and expression, but it also allows you to experiment with new and different yarns for different looks and textures in your scarves.

Since scarves are one of the cheapest to knit accessories, you can splurge on some more expensive yarns if you like, so you can try these new yarns without spending as much as you would on a shawl, sweater, or throw. If you’re at a loss as to how to start designing your own patterns, look at a couple of knitting stitch dictionaries, and combine a stitch or two to create your own, one-of-a-kind design.

Embellish Your Creations

Once you’ve gotten the hang of scarf knitting, you can embellish your designs, too. Use beads, felting, or even a strand of silver or gold thread knit along with your regular yarn to create stunning new designs, fit for a night out on the town. As you learn how to embellish your designs, you’ll create even more new looks, and you’ll add to your scarf collection, as well. Scarves make great gifts, too, so don’t forget to keep some on hand for last minute birthday, holiday, or “just because” gifts.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses for women have continued to be so popular among women since the 1970-s because of their appeal and the various styles they come in. Any women who has grown up during the 1980-s must have witnessed the increased hype around aviators after Hollywood actor Tom Cruise sported them in one of his movies – “Top Gun”. Since that time, both women and men worldwide have worn them. Men seem to have an affinity for the police aviators while women seem love to the aviators sported by female celebrities. Aviator sunglasses also enjoy widespread patronage among people who work in the air force and the military. Everybody is well aware of how much pilots, whether they are men or women, are in love with their aviators.

Aviator sunglasses for women are very light in terms of weight and yet they are sturdy and strong. They are made of oval lenses, which often come in different types of colors. Sometimes the lighter aviators consist of plastic lenses that enable the women to wear them for a long period without feeling any discomfort. The most preferred colors by women are charcoal, blue, brown and grey.

The lenses of aviator sunglasses for women are made from protection films with maximum protection level of UV 400. These provide protection of the eyes and the eyelids from sunrays and are equally effective against both UVB and UVA rays. Majority of aviators have frames made up of nickel but some of them also come with frames made up of plastic. These frames help the sunglasses in terms of their light weight.

Firstly, aviator sunglasses for women are designed to cover the eyes fully and sometimes they even cover parts of the cheeks. These are capable of protecting the eyes from both wind and debris and other types of dust. Secondly, these sunglasses make for very appropriate accessories because there is one type meant for every type of dress out there. Thirdly, many women prefer to wear these aviators because they feel it helps them with getting a face in this faceless world. A face covered with big aviator sunglasses for women is an instant eye-catcher and women choose to have that power of attraction on their side.

Versitile Headband

Boogie 80s theme has been a massive hit for people who want to relive the good old days and who can forget the big hair, spangle bracelets and fluorescent leg warmers and headbands. Now you can really let your imagination run wild and create that 80s look. Great for that party night out with friends, stag and hen dos or even for the more energetic amongst us, the charity fun runs. Really stand out from the crowd and be seen.

Without a doubt the style icon of the 80s is the neon headband. They are so versatile and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Including plastic, fabric, toothed and novelty. The Alice bands headbands are by far the most adaptable. They can be made into anything with the ease. They can be straight, wavy or angled. They can also be decorated with anything you can dream up, all you need is a little imagination. A bit of glue, flowers, jewels and bits and bobs you find around the house you can customize that old boring headband into a one off creation. You may find the shops don’t have exactly what your looking for, this way its your choice and unique style. You could even personalize them for each member of the party. A group of men on a stag do wouldn’t look out of place wearing neon leg warmers and brightly colored headbands. If fact they would probably enjoy it, but wouldn’t admit it to you.

With headbands being so cheep, especially if you buy in bulk, the possibilities are endless. Why stop at owning just one you could have a few, each one matching those different outfits. And lets face it, its a way of brightening up those dull clothes stuck at the back of the wardrobe, the ones you thought you’d never wear again but never got round to throwing out. You could transform that outfit giving it years of life left in it saving you money in the long run.

Headbands are great for the kid’s school projects and school plays. The next time one of your little darlings comes home saying they’ve been picked to play something ridiculous in the school production, think how easily you can make something out of a headband. You could be the envy of all the other parents with wonderful relatively cheep unique creations.

Get the Deals at Outlet Malls

How many times has this happened to you? You go to the outlet mall and look around only to find that the special bargains are very few and far between. The rest of the merchandise seems to be regularly priced a lot of the time but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips.

The first tip is to order coupons before you go to the mall. Most outlet malls have a website of some sort where you can order coupons before hand or at least find a telephone number to the sales department of the mall or individual stores. Many of these places offer VIP coupon booklets that offers sometimes as much as an extra 25 to 30% off all items. Getting a hold of one of these coupon books before you go shopping is essential and can be done with just a little bit of forward planning.

Usually these coupon books go to people who are on bus tours and other bulk type of purchasers like that but with a little respectful prodding you can often get one for yourself. Stores offer them as a sort of goodwill gesture to individuals because they know most individuals don’t know about this trick or won’t bother.

The next trick is to ask for an early markdown. Many stores are about to hold a sale in the very near future so ask for the sale price now before the sale starts. Every store will have a different policy when it comes to early markdowns but with a little prodding you may be surprised how effective this trick can be. Don’t be too pushy because some stores simply won’t do this no matter what.

The next tip is to sign-up for the stores mailing list. I know that these days we are all bombarded with sales calls during supper and junk mail in our mailbox and also in our e-mail box but it doesn’t change the fact that stores often send out special coupons to members of their mailing list – sometimes as much as 15% off and sometimes as little as 5%… hey, every little bit helps right? Many stores will ask for e-mail addresses when you purchase something and others will have a sign-up sheet on the counter. Some will even give you a small gift or a discount coupon simply for giving them your e-mail address.

Finally, if you are buying large amounts of items then be sure to ask for a volume discount. Don’t bother with a salesperson, you’ll have to go straight to the manager for this one but often times if you’re purchasing enough items you can quickly receive rebates of up to 30 or even 40% depending on quantity.

So there you have several tips that you can use every day to get the best deals at outlet malls and really just about any other store as well. Good luck and happy hunting!

Online Sales Still Booming

Whether you have a main street shop, a boutique in a mall or only an online presence there has never been a more important time to maximize sales opportunity.

When you have a physical shop it is a great pull back for visitors to your shop, to be able to refer them to your website. This ensures you can continue a passive or proactive relationship with potential customers.

A passive relationship is where you are offering interesting information and content online to keep them coming back regularly.

A proactive site is where you are capturing email addresses, and physical addresses, to keep referring them to your website, and reminding them about your fantastic business.

If you can also offer them the advantage of ordering online, you are really entering the best opportunity space. You see, they know you because they visited your store – now they are building trust with you, so now is the ideal time to offer them online shopping experience.

There is a shoe shop in a nearby town that does this, and I buy regularly online from them. If they didn’t have the website, I would only spend about 10% of what I spend now! Why, because I am busy and it is a hassle to get there – but online takes me 5-10 minutes to order a pair of shoes.

Have you got an online webshop, or your own website?

Being an email user is your first step into online business, asking your customers for their email address (and importantly) permission to contact them. This way you can tell them about special promotions, sales and other new things in your business.

You can only expect the best results and participate in the online sales boom if you have a website, and preferably a shop online.

There are two ways to do this:

First you can go and have someone develop you a full website, depending on what you sell, this will cost you between $250 and $5,000. Also, there is an exciting new instant shop builder service about to be launched onto the world internet market in November, if you would like further information on this please contact us.

Alternatively you can have a web shop on most recognized classified websites. These usually cost a few dollars a month set fee, although some sites also charge you a % of sales on top of that.

Normally the type of shop you would choose depends on what you are selling, and the type of image you want to have.

Small businesses, with limited stock items, may well find that it suffices to have a webshop on a classified site. However, if you have a range of items to sell and would like to attract more new customers to your store, then your own website with full payment facility is the better way to go.

If you have a physical store your earliest sales will come directly from your physical customer base, and their friends, capturing additional sales from people who have visited you. In my mind, this works better than a loyalty card – I refuse all loyalty cards (I never seem to have the right one at the right time), but I happily give my email address to shops I like – I want to know when they have a promotion, and I want to shop online!

You can also offer a small discount, similar to a loyalty card for all customers whose email address you hold.

If you only have an online business, and no physical presence then of course you also have to put some work into new attracting customers to your store! Let us look at some of your needs now.

Do you have your online store maximized for getting customers?

Unlike the High Street, just opening your website doors will not bring you customers; in fact no one will likely even find you.

First you need to be listed on as many relevant directories as possible; there are even services that will do this for you.

Next you need to make sure Google and Yahoo will find you, this means you must have good keywords relevant to your content on the home page. If you sell shoes, mention the word shoes at least ten times on your home page and add it to your key words. Then perhaps you might like to add the brands you sell, the style of shoes etc, even the district or demographic that you see as your target market. Be sure that whatever keywords you use, the Google searches will find those keywords on the relevant page!

Beware of using words with too much competition. For example the word ‘shoes’ alone, will not be enough to get you on the first thousand pages of a search. If however, you had shoes, Nike, sport shoes, sports shoes, ‘your town’, ‘your region’, tennis shoes, golf shoes etc. Then you will have removed a large number of your competitors for ranking.

As you become more web savvy, you can use keyword search tools to choose the best key words for your site, but the truth is it will sap up a lot of your time for only a small advantage. There are other things you can do to rank faster.

Can you write an article, like this one? If you can, that is a fabulous way to attract visitors to your site. We will use the shoe shop as our analogy throughout this article. So write about shoes, give advice about shoes, give the top 10 most important things to understand when buying new shoes. Send that article to key article sites like ezines, article cube, etc.

Perhaps you could have a blog attached to your shoe shop, sound funny? It works. First you can give shoe tips, fashion tips etc, but your customers will also be interested in your life and what you do on weekends etc. If you play competitive sport then give your results, good or bad, add some humour. People love to read about the lives of others, particularly someone they know.

It is good practice to join social networks like Facebook and Twitter and link your blogs directly to them; this again increases your market exposure quickly.

Blogs and Articles are the fast food for search engines, their impact and speed in rocketing you into top spaces in searches cannot be underestimated.

If you sell for example sports shoes can you link up with local sports clubs and advertise and link back to your online store from their site. Write simple, strong ads around your website name in the sport magazines. By this I mean a simple statement or line to attract customers, for example:

Women’s Belt Buckles

Buying women’s belt buckles is pretty easy. All you need to do is to try it personally wearing your pants or jeans. A buckle is usually bought together with its belt, but sometimes, you can also make some adjustments if you want. The key for getting the perfect buckle also lies on the belt and always consider the right size or fit. You should buy belts and buckles that would complement to most trousers you have in your closet if you like to create the perfect match. Don’t really push yourself to buy expensive jeans or skirts to par up with your belt buckles, just focus more on matching.

The latest trend in women’s belt buckles today is pointed towards big sized buckles or to the over-sized. Sizes may vary but if you want to be “in” with the latest, you must sometimes dress up in fashion, but don’t be too hard. Dress up just right and assess yourself if you are comfortable or not. Just be who you are.

Women’s belt buckles are thought to be the product of changes. These are first discovered as part of the Western wear. According to history, women first started to use these accessories during the Elizabethan era but there is always another story, for some, they believe that these items were seen during the Roman Period. There is no issue about the origin of these buckles, whether Elizabethan era or Roman, what matters most is that they can perfectly add a touch of style and glamor to the one wearing it.

There can be various choices you can choose if you are looking for quality women’s belt buckles. Buckles can be use at any belt material such as leather, Rhinestone, Concho, and any other more. Women’s buckles come in exciting options and you can freely choose according to your liking.

The Most Common Challenges eCommerce Businesses Face

Modern eCommerce businesses face a number of challenges these days. These include targeting and personalization, automation, compliance, and consumer privacy, and not only. To get a better idea of these issues and know who can help you with Payzone merchant services, just follow the lines below.

eCommerce Challenges & Payzone Merchant Services

There’re many challenges that eCommerce businesses are faced with these days. E.g., Amazon is a major competitor to each eCommerce business. Let’s look at some common difficulties that you, as an eCommerce merchant, may come across:

  • Determining the right product/service to offer
  • Attracting the ideal customer
  • Retaining the ideal customer
  • Generating targeted traffic
  • Obtaining quality leads
  • Nurturing the ideal prospects
  • Converting shoppers into customers who’re ready to pay for your product/service
  • Providing profitable long-term growth for your company
  • Picking the right technology and partners
  • Hiring the right people for your company
  • Providing excellent customer support
  • Maintaining customer loyalty
  • Building the right digital strategy

And more.

Going for the right payment-processing solutions is another incredibly important factor to focus on. Thankfully, this can’t be an issue if you turn to a true payment expert in the UK that can help you find the right credit card processing services, including Payzone merchant services, for your business.

With a reputable processor-comparison company you can enjoy the most reliable snapshot of companies at the time of writing.

eCommerce Worldwide Is on the Rise

The number of eCommerce sites you can find worldwide these days is 12 – 24 million, and this number is increasing daily. Retail eCommerce sales are anticipated to make up $4.8 trillion around the globe for 2021.

In the UK, the internet contributes to a large share of the country’s GDP. Over 13% of items purchased by British shoppers are from the online space. This speaks of the growing opportunity for eCommerce.

Even though eCommerce merchants worldwide are faced with a number of challenges, there’re sophisticated technology means that companies can use for a more personalized approach. Why? Well, engaging customers, boosting customer loyalty, offering exceptional buying experience, and adapting to the rapid changes are critical to success.

As you see, eCommerce is on the rise all over the world. You need to reassess what’s already worked for you, as well as focus on the emerging trends and behaviors to move forward successfully.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who understands the complex world of merchant accounts, including Payzone merchant services. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie in his backyard porch, as should all right-thinking people.

Clothing Sale Items

Items go on sale because they either have been overlooked or judged unsellable. A poll last month in an Australian women’s magazine reported that 57.1% of women are unhappy with the selection of clothes available. It would not surprise me if this were the case for women in other countries. Lemons fit in that category. Bypass the boring, the unsuitable colour and the too outlandish for you. You will never wear them and they are not a bargain at any price. Skyscraper heels are great for some but if you feel you will totter and fall on your face, admire them and pass by or scroll down the webpage.

A sale item is a real bargain if you have never seen it before and can now picture it going with a number of your current clothes and being worn regularly. The sale price is the bonus. Wearability and versatility mean nothing if the size is not perfect. Do ask as your size may be available from a different store. Choose only items you will wear often with pleasure. Unworn and rarely worn items are no bargain.

Before you pay for that item check it carefully. Is it a well-made item in quality material? Check for broken zips or missing buttons. If it is a little too big or too long, can you or someone else alter it. I bought a sale item merino wool top with sleeves for an Amazonian woman. Too late I found out that woollen hems cannot be altered. Now I must manually tuck under the excess every time I wear it. You have to decide whether little annoyances like this make the item a bargain or a lemon.

Sometimes the hidden cost of alteration can take a sale item from a bargain to a lemon. To have the sleeves taken up on a lined coat bought at a sale cost me almost as much as the coat itself. I was not expecting that. A modern classic, very wearable item is worth altering. A trendy, one or two season, occasional-wear item is not.

It does not matter how educated, practical or street-savvy you are, every woman has succumbed to vanity when shopping. Sales increase the temptation.

Vanity struck at a sale when I bought my lust-have brand apricot leather shoes in a half-size too small. I told myself that leather stretches. It does but not that much. Why apricot when I had very little to wear them with? Vanity is the answer. They ended up a lemon – lovely to look at but rarely worn.

There is no complete cure to vanity. Think twice before buying and hopefully vanity purchases will be a rare rather than a regular occurrence.

This can be as dangerous as vanity. You can talk each other into buying unwise clothing and accessories. On the positive side, the second pair of eyes can find real bargains you may miss or overlook. Only you can decide whether sale shopping with a friend is a wise idea.

A sale was once a rare, much-anticipated event. Now it is commonplace and learning to sale shop wisely is a modern dressing skill every woman needs to master.

Vintage Glasses

In the old days, women liked to wear the cat eye glasses, and many women still feel fantastic wearing the same style cat eye glasses to look absolutely killing with highlighted design on the frames and pointed angles. This style of glasses conveys some sharpness that indicates the sharp and attentive eyes behind the shades.

You can also choose to look totally in sync with the latest fashion in round glasses. These round vintage glasses can make you feel as genius and intellect as Steve Jobs and Harry Potter. Round glasses can never go out of fashion and will always stay with you, to make you look hugely fashioned and in style.

Many styles and selections of glasses are available in several online and fashion stores, but you need to be extra careful to choose the one that suits best on your kind of face and personality. While shopping online, make sure that the glasses delivered to you are original and carries the mark of authentication from the company.

Once you own the cat eye glasses, it becomes extremely beneficial to take proper care of it. Keep a regular check on them for any scratch or signs of wear. If you want to buy, there may be some scratch resistant lenses in glasses also available. If the screws or the hinges appear to be loose, get them fixed by a good optician, to keep enjoying the attractive looks for long. Also check it for the proper alignment. For the cleaning purposes, only Luke warm water and soap free cleaners should be used. Protect your glasses from excessive heat and dirt, and always keep your glasses in the protective case to avoid an accidental breakage. Never leave your vintage glasses on the dashboard of the car as the continuous exposure to sun light may damage the lens as well as the frame color and finishing.

Ways to Shop and Remain Rich

  • Make a financial plan for expenditure. Create boxes or envelops for each item like milk, school, utilities, groceries and so on. Never remove money from one and think I will put it back later. Discipline yourself and you will be surprised how smoothly your life goes.
  • Lock up all credit, debit, and ATM cards that have large limits. Set small limits on all credit cards, freezing the amount of money available will help you limit your spending.
  • Never go shopping alone. Go with a friend or family member who is ready take on the responsibility of bringing you down to ground zero should you get carried away. They must be able to say “no” in such a way that all your enthusiasm gets deflated.
  • Avoid sales, shopping channels, and mail order catalogues. Temptations must be kept far away.
  • Consider walking in the malls as a part of your weight loss regimen. Walk by the shops, enjoy the window display and atmosphere but don’t walk into a shop.
  • Try going to shopping districts before they open or shut down at night. This way you will be able to enjoy shopper’s fairyland without despair or heartache.
  • Always pay for purchases in cash. Forget all about credit. Stop the vicious cycle of buy now pay later.

There is something else one can do, offer to go shopping with family and friends but never take your wallet or purse along. It is just like sniffing the aroma of exotic foods but not eating it.

Think about becoming a writer who reviews products that way you will earn while finding out what is new in the market and do away with guilt trips. Turn your nightmare into something useful. If you are not holding a job then you can volunteer at a hospital gift shop or one of the malls where they have help desks to answer questions newcomers to the mall have.