Info of Moissanite Earrings

Moissanite earrings are the latest craze in the history of one of mankind’s most enduring female body adornments. A variety of stones have been featured on the earlobes of attractive women over the centuries – since as early as 3000 BC, in fact. Styles have changed and returned over this long history. They have also reflected social and religious values, as ones found in ancient graves bear out.

Today, the stud, three-stone or solitaire moissanite earrings are all the rage. They are extremely glamorous, cost far less than traditional diamonds, and are a perfect conversation piece. It is hard to miss or ignore a woman whose earlobes flash with the ethereal fire that flashes from moissanite stones. Since they are available in far larger sizes than diamonds, they have a stunning effect.

Moissanite earrings are fast becoming a glamorous fashion statement. Stars from every glamorous section have woken up to the charisma of this fascinating stone – actress Brooke Shields, supermodel Niki Taylor, soccer star Mia Hamm, and the list goes on.

Just recently, Blair Underwood(star of LA Law and City of Angles) presented a spectacular pair to his wife Desiree on her birthday. Bradley Whitford (winner of the 2001 Emmy Award for The West Wing) did the same for his wife, Jane Kaczmarek (star of Malcolm in the Middle). At the July premiere of Bad Boyz II in Los Angeles, emerging Hollywood sensation Kiko Ellsworth wore a pair of moissanite earrings suggestively called “Martini Stud.”

White Silk Aviator Scarf

Fashion lovers all over the world admire these scarves due to their exquisite sheen, softness and perfect quality. These scarves look stunning when worn with any dress. You can buy one not just in pure white color but in solid black too.

The good thing about an aviator scarf is that it can be worn with formal suits, pullovers, or even denims. So, you are not restricted to wearing such scarves to any particular form of dress. You can choose from different varieties that are available in the market.

Among different colors of aviator scarves, a white colored aviator scarf made from silk is the most in-thing in fashion. There are different stories and theories behind the popularity of white colored aviator scarves and all of which share one thing in common, that is, white silk aviator scarves are loved by men. A popular theory says that such scarves were commonly worn as opera scarves.

A white aviator scarf is a perfect accessory with a leather jacket especially when worn by pilots while flying an open-cockpit airplane. This is due to the fact that in an open-cockpit plane, wearing them along with a leather jacket helps them to move their necks freely and yet remain protected from strong chilly winds. Also, they were worn with leather jackets to provide protection against chafing in the neck area.

The reason of choosing silk aviator scarves over woolen scarves is that just like the leather, it might cause chafing around the neck. However, to seek protection from cold, some tightly weaved fabric which is soft is needed to be wrapped around the neck. And both these qualities are found in these practical accessories.

When purchasing such scarves from the market, you must buy long scarves, ideally of six feet in length. The reason is that you need to wrap it around your neck a couple of times. Although you may find some aviator scarves in red or blue color, nothing can be compared to the classic beauty of white silk aviator scarves.

Just use your imagination and explore a plethora of styles and ways of wearing an aviator scarf and make yourself become the envy of all eyes.

About Moissanite Rings

Certain class of purists object that moissanite, no matter how admirable its properties, can’t match the sentimental value of a diamond on occasions of the heart. This may have something to do with the fact that it costs less. Also, many people still see moissanite as “fake diamond” – a very unjustifiable definition. Moissanite is a unique mineral and is not meant to replace any other stones.

Moreover, diamonds are considered appropriate for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings because they are “forever”. The “eternal” factor stems from the virtually indestructible nature of diamonds. By that coin, moissanite holds its own with diamonds. It also matches – if not surpasses – the sparkle and “fire” of diamonds. In other words, such arguments fall flat in the light of unbiased logic. Platinum, for instance, does not surpass gold – it is merely a precious and attractive metal in its own right.

Actually, much of the present bias against moissanite rings for sentimental/relationship occasions has more to do with successful marketing hype against them than anything else. Moissanite is a valid jewelry medium, measured in carats and worthy of being set in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

If anything, choosing moissanite over diamond shows a progressive thinker who resists bending to tradition. This planet has limited resources, and diamonds will become progressively rarer in years to come. It would be a sorry statement on modern civilization if engagements and weddings reduce proportionately.

Men’s Accessories for Summer

The average man did not wear any jewelry during this period, not even a wedding ring. Showy accessories were displayed mostly by members of royal families and the nobility. The average man had no need of such decorations while he plowed the field or sold produce in the town square. The pocket watch changed all that.

The earliest portable timepieces were designed by locksmiths or blacksmiths, since horology was a nascent field at the time. According to watch historians (yes, there are such people), the first pocket watch was introduced in the early 1500s. Powered by weights, these timepieces were notoriously inaccurate and were little more than a curiosity. Men did not buy them in great numbers until the late 17th century.

The spiral balance spring was quite possible the greatest invention in the history or timekeeping. Introduced in 1675, it increased accuracy from fractions of an hour to fractions of a minute. The device was also much smaller than the early technology, which meant that pocket watches became more portable.

Personal timepieces were the hottest gadget of their age. Considered status symbols, men from all walks of life just had to have them. The only problem was that most of them were quite expensive. Their owners even posted rewards in local papers when one was lost or stolen on the street.

The debate over whether or not watches should be considered jewelry has been going on for centuries. After all, timepieces are more than mere ornaments. They actually do something, i.e., keep time. But in our humble opinion, that argument simply doesn’t hold water, at least not today. There are dozens of electronic devices that keep time more accurately than most watches, from cell phones to laptops to tablets. The watch, at least in the modern age, is the male equivalent of jewelry.

Sales of luxury goods took a beating during the Great Recession. But one segment of the market was unaffected. In fact, it flourished! Sales of men’s jewelry have unexpectedly doubted since 2007! Sales of accessories now account for around 20 percent of jewelry expenditures. The reason? Watches are hotter than ever!

The two main types of modern wristwatches are sport and dress watches. The former is generally worn in the great outdoors, while the later is often worn to work. Other than their wedding rings, the wristwatch is typically the only article of jewelry a man feels comfortable wearing. Therefore, most men take their time (no pun intended) when shopping for a new watch.

Obviously, not everyone can afford a these watches. Most of their models cost thousands of dollars, which puts them out of the reach of regular guys. However, there are plenty of well-made watches that can be purchased for a fraction of the price. One unmistakable trend in the men’s watch market is the growing popularity of statement-making timepieces.

There’s no single definition, but these watches tend to be bigger and bolder than average watches. They often have oversized cases and numerous features and functions that set them apart from more pedestrian models. Let us take a moment to discuss two of our favorite statement watches for the summer season.

A big, bold, and undeniable masculine model, the Pro Diver watch is powered by automatic movement. The oversized stainless steel case is 40mm wide and the black dial display features luminous watch hands and hour markers. The stainless steel band is comfortable and eye-catching and closes with a fold-over clasp. Anti-reflective mineral crystal protects the watch in up to 200 meters (660 feet) of water. There is even a handsome date display where the 3 o’clock hour marker would normally be.

Pick Scarfs in Warm Weather

The choices are virtually quite endless and the list to choose from is overwhelmingly vast. Ranging from hundreds and thousands of colors, hue, texture, size, shape, pattern and overall design, it is almost next to impossible not to at least find one that you like. It can cater to your desired field. Be it for your personality or job. There is always one that is suited for every occasion.

There are expensive scarfs from designer brands like Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. Buying from expensive ones doesn’t always guarantee absolute satisfaction so you can also scourge for cheaper and inexpensive ones in the market with quality similar to their much valued counterparts. It is just a matter of scouting and having the right amount of patience and diligence.

During the warm weathers, neck scarfs are usually not that popular. Examples of these are the thick and woolly ones. Some types are still worn to protect the neck area from the heat of the sun. Wearing these can greatly help in the lessening in the darkening of the neck area. The area that needs to be protected more is the nape area especially for people with short hair.

The luxurious ones add color to a casual or smart outfit. It can greatly accentuate the main theme and look that you are going for. Generally tied around the neck, it’s an accessory that can be used for a formal or an informal occasion. These things when worn around your neck can truly turn your outfit into something really special.

One of the most commonly worn ones during the warm weathers is the tichels, also known as head scarfs or mitpachot. These are one of the most interesting varieties as they can be worn in many diverse styles that would reflect your persona. Some of the classy looks that you can go for are the bun, the dutch style, the classic tie, the crown, knot and a whole lot more.

The fabric that was used to manufacture these is usually a very soft viscose or cotton. The color range that is available is very high in depth. Choices are very vast. The colors and hue can range from soft to pastel going to deep primary colors. The patterns that are available are also broad in range. Unique patterns like tribal and indigenous are also within reach.

The more common patterns that are readily available to the market are the geometrical, slim, thick, floral, abstract, hound’s tooth, pin stripes and two toned. Just to name a few. Choosing and wearing striking colors in the head during the warm weathers creates a more active and joyful feel to the user.

In choosing the right scarfs to wear during the warm weathers, first you have to identify which part of the body you are going to use it on. Usually, the more common way is to wear it on the head. For example, for people with long hair, it is a very good practice and also a very stylish way to bundle and organize your disheveled and uncontrollable hair. It is most convenient to wear when the weather is most hot and unforgiving.

Make a T-Shirt Scarf

Supplies you will need Include::

  • An old t-shirt. The softer the better just for pure comfort. I selected an old gray shirt from the bottom of my drawer. It’s worn out and comfy.
  • About 18″ of sheer ribbon.
  • 8 – 10 A Bead Store’s large hole pandora style beads.
  • Scissors.

First, cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt. Save this for a later step.

Then cut off the sleeves of the shirt just below the armpit seam. Discard this top portion of the shirt – do not attempt to wear as a half shirt. We put ours on Hank the dog. He didn’t like it.

Measure 1″ sections up the side of the shirt and snip a cut so you will know where to make each cut across the shirt.

Cut each strip, leaving about an inch and a half to the other side. Be sure not to cut all the way across.

Hold the shirt on the end that is uncut. Pull each loop. This will cause the t shirt fabric to roll and stretch.

Gather the shirt together at the uncut seam. Use a small piece of the hem you cut off in step one to secure the scarf. Cover the seam.

At this point I grabbed three of my loops and braided them from the center. It creates a braid on both sides. I didn’t really do anything to secure the braid. I like the way it is loose in spots and tight in others. This is optional -but I think it adds a little something.

Thread your selected beads onto your ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the scarf to cover the seams. I pushed the beads towards one end of the ribbon and it was the last portion I wrapped. I brought it up across the ribbon wrap and tied it with a knot.

Japanese Jewelry

Japanese crafts were always full of ideas and meanings, a careful approach must be taken when selecting Japan jewellery. If you choose the right pair of earrings – you might get happy, longevity might be on the way, and fate may be hiding in lucky earrings.

Many jewelry items are named and created by the image of something very important to culture. It is very unusual for Japanese jewellery to be abstract. For example, take a dragon earrings. Dragon symbolizes strength, fortune and prosperity; Japanese Happiness Earrings, which are shaped after Japanese glyph of “happiness”.

Japanese jewelry is very fine in detail, which is something you can expect from a nation that creates computers. Every detail is well-thought and full of meaning, so you shouldn’t worry wearing any of those Japanese rings, bracelets or chains.

To see something really astonishing you should try searching Google Images for “japanese tiara” – now that’s where sophisticated high-tech meets art! It’s amazing!

Can you imaging 600 silver pieces in chain with diamonds that form a bracelet! Can you imagine 600 chains on your hand? That’s what Japanese jewellery is all about.

Jewellers try to fit into individualist world, where everybody must have a very sophisticated unique jewelry. Japan jewelry is very distinctive and attention-grabbing.

It’s weird but it’s much easier to find something Japanese silver, than anything in gold.

A deep search exposed us astonishing pearl-decorated golden ring and pearl earrings. I would have never thought that pearl could match gold so perfectly! To see that, I did a search for “Japanese diamond ring” in Google Images. It’s funny that Japanese pearl decoration can be found via diamond link. And if you’ll surf through – you can find some really spectacular Japanese rings and neckwear. Everything is made with a great sense of detail, like I told you.

Really interesting things can be found by a Cornelis Hollander, nine-time winner of the “International Pearl Design” contest in Japan (and a couple of other big name titles), he is really innovative. His golden rings possess style and uniqueness, bringing a fresh breath of air into jewelry. Being a Netherlands-born and winning nine-time title in Pearl Design Contest in Japan, he must have really stimulated Japanese crafters to seek new ways to design pearl rings. If you followed me search above – you’ll probably agree with me: this influenced Japanese Jewelry in a very positive ways.

Use Motorcycle Scarf

The most common and absolute best type is the 100% silk motorcycle scarf. Another type is known as a doo-rag, are made from a hundred percent cotton, and usually are the size of approximately 22 x 22 inches. They are very functional and some people find it to be fashionable and extremely a macho accessory for bikers. There are different techniques and ways of wearing a bandana. Here are some of them:

Standard Method. You first fold the bandana in half in order to create a triangle. Then you place the center of the longest side of the bandana on your forehead and you should bring the ends together at the back of the neck. After that you tie it loosely. The next thing that you would do is to gently push the excess material hanging over the knot underneath.

You do this so that the knot is holding the excess material in place. And for you to keep the motorcycle scarf tied securely in place, you could tighten the knot further. The next method that you could do with your bandana is called the Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out.

Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out. Again, you fold the bandana to create a triangle. You then roll or fold from the longest side towards the shortest side. And then, you should place the rolled scarf on your forehead and then tie it securely at the back or in the front, if you like. Next method is Headband or the Sweatband, Points In.
Headband or the Sweatband, Points In. This is similar with the Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out. However they differ in the rolling/folding part. In this method, you should roll or fold from the points towards the longest side. Then you could tie it securely again at the back, or in front.

Some fast facts about bandanas, they are also known as: kerchief, scarf, skullcap, head rag, head wrap, sweat rag and doo-rag. The word “bandana” has a probable Portuguese origin. Most popular patterns are: Pirate, Eagle, Skull, Flame, Paisley and Flags. There are hundreds of different designs and styles to choose from actually. They are readily available worldwide.

Some suggestions, tips and warnings for those who want to buy a motorcycle bandana. If you pick a bandana be sure it is made from one hundred percent pure cotton. It is also a good thing to know that bandanas are washable, durable and inexpensive all at the same time.

And when wearing it, you should place the motorcycle scarf or bandana low on the forehead. Doing so will reduce the chances of the bandana getting caught in the wind. Plus, your hairline should never show at the front of the bandana, or it will just slip backwards and it might come off while riding.

So there you go boys, more ways to wear your motorcycle scarf than the style you ride your motorcycle down the road. Just make sure you fasten them securely on your head to avoid the wind from taking it all away from you!

Outfit With Trendy Watch

If you really want to spice up your outfit, you can’t go wrong with a trendy watch by Michael Kors. The Michael Kors brand is renowned across the world for his revolutionary designs in handbags, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more. Today, however, the Kors Company is excelling to whole new levels with their wristwatch designs. Long for something remarkably cool and contemporary to light up your wardrobe? Check out these watches from Michael Kors.

  • Michael Kors Men’s Quartz Chronograph Two-tone Stainless Steel Watch

The great thing about Michael Kors watches is that they are available for every occasion. For example, this beautiful style is a great fit for wearing when you have an important business meeting. While this watch is still casual and affordable enough for everyday wear, it is so stylish that it will give you an extra boost of confidence if you save it for special occasions. You don’t necessarily want to wear out the striking visual power of this magnificently crafted timepiece.

This watch has Arabic numerals marking the times at the even hour positions and stick index markers at the odds. The case is made from silver-tone stainless steel that has a gorgeous gold-tone bezel. On the dial rest three delightful sub-dials, located at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. There is even a date window placed between the 4:00 and 5:00 hours.

The bracelet of this watch is one of its most compelling and impressive features. It has three separate lines of links. The outside links are silver-tone, with a contrasting line of gold-tone links in the middle. This dichotomy beautifully compliments the bezel and case color combination. The case of this watch measures 46mm across, the bracelet measures eight inches long by 24 mm wide, and it is water resistant at 100 meters under the surface.

  • Michael Kors Women’s Quartz Rectangular Case Brown Leather Strap Watch

Where does a woman find the balance between professional and casual? How do you find a happy medium between sweatpants and pants suits? And where is the line between working in the office and lounging around on the couch?

This lovely timepiece is the perfect balance between classy and casual. It’s a great watch for a nice lunch with friends or a picnic in the park. The watch is nice enough that you don’t want to wear it while out for a run, and it is absolutely ideal for a pleasant cocktail hour affair.

The watch has a stainless steel dial in silver-tone and straps conveniently to your wrist with a brown leather strap. One the dial there are Arabic numerals at the quarter hour positions and stick index markers at all of the other places. It secures the wrist with a buckle strap and is perfect for your everyday affairs.

  • Michael Kors Women’s Quartz Tortoise Acrylic Bracelet Watch

While Michael Kors is well equipped to design watches for both casual and formal occasions, don’t forget that he is also one of the top fashion designers in the world. That means that just when you think you have seen it all, Michael Kors comes bursting out with a new design unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The most incredible part of this watch is the lovely acrylic link bracelet. While most watches keep it safe with a gold-tone or silver-tone bracelet, this watch takes it to the next level with something truly unbelievable. In three separate lines, the links of this bracelet are made with a gorgeous black and yellow tortoise print.

But that isn’t the end of the exciting features of this delightful timepiece. It has three sub-dials located at 9:00, 6:00, and 3:00 with a date window placed between 4:00 and 5:00. At all of the hour positions you can find stick index markers that are bedazzled with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Diamond Bracelet for Her

Unlike a diamond ring, a diamond bracelet doesn’t really signify a milestone affair like a wedding. In an analogy, a diamond bracelet is like the icing on the cake. It is the extra bonus, the sweet treat, the shocking surprise that you present to a loved one “just because.”

And because a diamond bracelet is an extravagant gift to a loved one, make sure you give it to the right person at the right time. Diamond bracelets are not cheap, so give such a gift to someone you’re close and committed to. Such recipients would be deserving of a diamond bracelet:

  • Husband to wife: This is a no-brainer, but a husband will make his wife’s day if he were to give her a diamond bracelet. If it is for her birthday, anniversary, or “just because,” she will have this diamond bracelet to flaunt for a special occasion.
  • Fiance to fiancée: In addition to giving her a diamond ring, you give her a diamond bracelet to match. If giving her a bracelet to compliment her ring is affordable and reasonable for you, a diamond bracelet will come as an overwhelmingly extravagant gift.
  • Parents to child: A graduation, birthday or a wedding gift, a diamond bracelet would be a daughter’s special adornment highlighted on these occasions. Coming from her parents, this diamond bracelet will be a treasured keepsake for her to cherish.
  • Child to Parent: Your mother, a woman who has been there for you your whole life, would be very deserving of a gift such as a diamond bracelet. For Mother’s day, her birthday, or on her wedding anniversary, giving your mother a diamond bracelet upon these special occasions will be her “icing on the cake.”