Maximize Your Online Sales

  • Enlarge Your Feature Area – No matter how you use your feature area on your website, whether it’s to announce the arrival of new items or specials, enlarging this space on your site will help anchor the home page while also enticing visitors to explore your other products. It is also recommended that you include large images which will have a greater impact on visitors than simply using text. You should also update your feature area at least two times a month.
  • Include Mobile Friendly Technology – Website designers need to not only design for desktop computers but also mobile devices with resolution that range from low to HD. If you’re a designer faced with this problem, the important thing to remember is to stay calm. In order to meet these demands, responsive design will help you design websites which are compatible for all types of devices. Incorporating mobile design will allow your content to be easily viewed by mobile users as well as those using standard monitors.
  • Stay Clean – When designing a website it is important that you remember less is sometimes more. You should avoid using intricate textures that may make it harder to locate the information visitors are looking for. If you design a site that is too busy, it will distract from the real reason why an individual is visiting your site in the first place. You want your design to invite users in and look around at everything that you have to offer.
  • Engage Visitors With Images – when designing your website you should choose images that display your products in a natural manner. You should avoid displaying your items on flat, boring backgrounds. Customers enjoy seeing the item they are planning on purchasing in the manner in which they will be using it. This method also helps buyers visualize how the products will fit in with what they may already have. It is also important that you pre-scale your images before loading them; this will help reduce the loading time of your pages.