Celtic Jewelry

Celtic knots add a particularly interesting flavor to any Celtic jewelry piece. The intricate designs create truly fashionable and timeless pieces. Celtic knots have come to be known as symbols that represent eternity, and some versions of the Celtic knot represent the holy trinity. Likewise, depending on the wearer, there are some Celtic knots that represent the maiden, mother, and crone aspect of the triple Goddess, and some people believe that the Celtic knot is a representation that symbolizes the power of reincarnation.

Alternatively, some Celtic Jewelry is created with special jewels included in the piece. Each jewel represents a specific month of the year. For instance, January is represented with the garnet, February is represented with the amethyst, March by the aquamarine, April is signified by the carnelian, May is represented by the emerald or the Jade, June by the Ruby or Pearl, August is typically signified by using peridots, September is denoted with Amber, October is marked with opals or Lapis, November is marked with citrine, and finally December is noted by the use of Turquoise or Topaz. Conversely, not all stones used in Celtic pieces represent months and it is not uncommon to find

Black Scarf

It is also a color which has always been associated with elegance and having a scarf of that color makes sense as we all want to be perceived as elegant and sexy. They can be stylish, sexy or business-like depending on the occasion you wear it. Of course, the style and the material also makes a big difference. You can choose from silk, georgette, pashmina, polyester or velvet.

These fashion accessories go with any colored outfit other than something that is too dark in color. Wear it with jeans or a delicately colored salmon pink dress. Most people can carry off black without any problems and that is what makes the beauty of the color greater. It is timeless and it never goes out of fashion. Bright colors like red, green and yellow will go well with your garment In fact, most bright colors will be further enhanced when you wear it.

These scarves are radical. It is sexy and chic. It is so versatile that it can be worn for a formal dinner or for a night out with your friends in a pub. Beware, with all its versatility, the scarf can make you look

Go Garage Sale Shopping

I buy all my baby gifts at Garage Sales. I just bought a gift for a baby girl. I bought 2 cute outfits, they were brand new with the tags still on them, and I also bought a few baby toys, and again they were new.

I have bought a lot of Christmas gifts. Everyone in my family has received gifts from me that I bought at Garage Sales. They would never know I bought them at a garage sale. I always make sure the items are new or in great condition.

When I buy a gift I buy most of them under $5.00. Here are a few of the gifts and items I have bought for myself…diamond earrings, diamond necklace, double oven, washer and dryer, name brand clothes, entertainment center, 3 desk, leather chair, lamps, name brand candles that have not been burned, gas logs, fiesta ware. I even buy most of my office supplies at Yard Sales.

All of these items where bought at a very low cost. My double ovens which were 4 years old I bought for $5.00. I still have them and they work great.

The diamond earrings cost

Info Pashminas Shawls And Scarfs Are Made

Each spring, farmers climb the Himalayas to find the softest hairs on the mountain goats. In order for the goats to survive the high altitudes on the mountains, they grow inner hairs underneath the thick coat. These smaller hairs are the ones that are generally chosen to be woven into the scarves.

The yarn from the goat hair is too fragile for the power weavers which is why it needs to be done by hand, especially if a person wants to buy a genuine, 100% Pashmina Scarf. To put it into terms visually, the goat hair is about as fine as human hair which explains the delicate process each scarf has to go through. The art and skill of weaving has been passed down by generations and is still being passed down today. The fringes one sees on each scarf takes hours to make. Not only on the scarves, but the fringe found on other Pashmina Items. It is said that the weavers who have passed the trade down have possibly known the trade since the Moghul Empire.

The dyeing process is also done by experienced people and has been passed down from generations. The particular

About Digging for Diamonds

Online jewelry sales are expected to reach $3.2 billion this year, compared with $2.5 billion last year. Overall, 8% of all jewelry sales in 2005 are expected to come from the Internet, up from 6% in 2004 and 3% in 2002. BlueNile forecasts 2005 sales of $205 million to $215 million, up from $169 million in 2004.

Ann Poletti at eBay said, they do $1.6-$1.7 Billion in jewelry and watches, and she gave me these two statistics:

50% ($0.8M) is in diamonds and watches.

50% ($0.8M) is in rings and watches.

These are very compelling numbers, indicating a very compelling opportunity.

An easy way to get into this business for an investor could be by buying Odimo (Nasdaq: ODMO) that owns the portal diamond.com, as well as other internet brands such as Ashford. The company did $52 Million in 2004 sales, but is currently valued at a mere $13 Million. Of course, they are losing beaucoup money. However, some of the P&L problems seem to be artificially created by their majority shareholder, The Steinmetz Group, who remains the sole supplier of diamonds to the company, but at questionable terms. Gross margin numbers seem

Shopping Guide to Buy Next Watch

The first thing to note is that watches are classified into various categories based on the materials and the methods used for manufacturing. Basically the time pieces are classified into Quartz and Mechanical watches. A mechanical watch makes use of the mechanical parts which are used in it. Mechanical watches are further divided into two categories, automatic and manual watches. Automatic ones will be having an automatic winding of a coiled spring inside it. In the case of manual watches we have to do the winding by our hand and hence the name, manual mechanical watches.

On the other hand a quartz watch uses a quartz crystal to measure unit time for making your watch work. They are cheaper than the mechanical watches which are available in the market. Quartz needs a battery to make it work. They will need periodic battery changes to keep it running. But the advantage is that a cheap quartz watch will be more accurate than a cheap mechanical watch. Mechanical watches are heavier and needs high level of engineering to give correct time. Some of the best mechanical watches will have more than a hundred movable parts integrated into that small

Sterling Silver

Silver jewelry has been a staple in the lives of mankind since humans discovered the versatility of silver and the many uses it has. Silver has been used for functional and aesthetic purposes. In times of old, silver was used to create flatware and armor to protect soldiers on their way into battle. Silver jewelry was later created and used by Phoenician and Egyptian citizens desiring attractive and convenient pieces to add to their jewelry collections. Over time silver has been used to create flatware, decorative art, coins, dental fillings, jewelry and more.

Silver is produced in many different areas, though the highest concentrations of silver output come from Mexico and Peru.

One of the reasons sterling silver jewelry is so popular is its affordability and versatility. Sterling silver can be crafted into many different jewelry items including charms, rings and chains. Silver jewelry is often mistaken for other more precious metals including white gold and platinum.

There are many different types of silver that can be used to create sterling silver jewelry. Silver is considered one of the precious metals along with its cousins gold, platinum and titanium.

Fine Silver – this is silver

Selecting Your Website’s Shopping Cart

Know Your Budget

Ecommerce shopping carts come in all flavors and colors. Some shopping carts are extremely robust and offer tons of functionality that you may never use. Other shopping carts come with no frills, with just enough flexibility to start selling your products online. Somewhere in between lies your perfect cart. Your first step is figuring out how much money your business can afford to pay for a shopping cart. It does no good to research and plan your business around functionality that is not within your budget.

Understand Your Needs

Though it is nearly impossible to predict how your business will be conducting transactions online in the years to come, analyzing your current and future short-term needs is critical to finding the right shopping cart. If your business merely needs a simple low-cost shopping cart, many services exist that offer to provide you a hosted option for as little as $20 a month. However, if you need a solution that is more complex than those offered by such services, you may need to purchase a shopping cart that is more robust (and costly).

Understand Your Options

Most ecommerce shopping carts have

Shopping Places in Dubai

Souk MadinatJumeirah

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is one of the malls in Dubai. While retaining a traditional architectural style is decorated with an exquisite taste which will make your shopping day even more memorable. This mall is located in the popular Jumeirah Beach Road Street near one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, of the same name.

Dubai Marina Mall

This mall is not so well-known as the others, because it is farther from the city center and tourist sights. It is located in the heart of Dubai Marina, a man-made canal surrounded by nearly 200 buildings is one of the most incredible areas of Dubai and is worth exploring. It is located in the Dubai Marina area near Avenue Al Marsa St.

Outlet Mall

The largest outlet mall in Dubai is located approximately 25 km from the city center, on the highway E66 on the way to Al Ain emirate. It is not a beautiful or luxurious shopping, but has shops that sell products with good discounts. Among the known brands are: Adidas, Burberry, Diesel, Esprit, Guess, Mango, Nike, Tommy, among others. There are also some multi-brand stores that sell clothing such

Finding January Sales

    Kick off the January sales in style and head to Harrods. The iconic Knightsbridge store’s winter sales are famous for big savings on luxury goods. Discounts are store-wide with up to 75% off and start from the 27th of December, right up until the 24th of January. John Lewis is also great for picking up a bargain. Try Selfridges in Oxford Street for six floors of gorgeous designer goods – sales traditionally start from 26th of December.
    If you fancy spending the January sales in one of the most romantic cities in the world then Paris is the place for you. Paris’ January sales usually begin on the first Wednesday of January and over a six week period you can indulge in all Parisian shops and department stores such as Lafayette, Printemps, BHV or Au Bon Marche.
    Barcelona is known for its famous 5 kilometre shopping area – stretching from the top of the Ramblas, through Plaça Catalunya and is fantastic during the winter sales. Sales start during the second week of January and usually last up until the end of February, so make sure you pay a visit to Barcelona’s most popular