Posh Shop Showdown

The two most popular shopping venues are without doubt Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Harrods is world renowned and as a result is a huge tourist attraction in itself that many consider a must-see when coming to town. Its rich history began in 1849 when Harrods first opened its doors. Many famous celebrities and other noteworthy people have made their mark on the store by writing about Harrods, working there, or having a hand in the design of a building.

Harrods has always prided itself on keeping up with the times and the latest trends while always offering top quality products to its customers. It is also known for its saying “Everything for Everybody Everywhere” and has lived up to this many times over by doing its best to deliver to the customer anything desired, no matter how eccentric. There are many wild stories of the enormous efforts that the store has made such as when Ronald Reagan received a baby elephant or when Noël Coward was bought an alligator from the pet shop.

Harrod’s rich and long history is known the world over and will remain a popular destination for visitors to London to shop or just to go and see. Harvey Nichols also has an intriguing history and has long been compared with the department store giant.

Started in 1813 as a linen shop in a terraced house by Benjamin Harvey in Knightsbridge, the business flourished and was passed on to Harvey’s daughter and then expanded into an outlet for Oriental carpets, silks and other luxury goods. Many changes have occurred since its inception and many more outlets have opened across the country.