Shopping Guide to Buy Next Watch

The first thing to note is that watches are classified into various categories based on the materials and the methods used for manufacturing. Basically the time pieces are classified into Quartz and Mechanical watches. A mechanical watch makes use of the mechanical parts which are used in it. Mechanical watches are further divided into two categories, automatic and manual watches. Automatic ones will be having an automatic winding of a coiled spring inside it. In the case of manual watches we have to do the winding by our hand and hence the name, manual mechanical watches.

On the other hand a quartz watch uses a quartz crystal to measure unit time for making your watch work. They are cheaper than the mechanical watches which are available in the market. Quartz needs a battery to make it work. They will need periodic battery changes to keep it running. But the advantage is that a cheap quartz watch will be more accurate than a cheap mechanical watch. Mechanical watches are heavier and needs high level of engineering to give correct time. Some of the best mechanical watches will have more than a hundred movable parts integrated into that small frame. They are some artifacts in which we can see the talent of some of the best watch engineers.