Outlet Stores Are Usually Cheaper

The Coach purse outlet store is an excellent way to score an authentic Coach bag at a fraction of retail price. The Coach stores typically hand out coupons during holiday sales. These coupons can be used in the store on the same day and can be combined with other discounts. The coupons usually range from 15% to 30% off a consumers total purchase. The Coach outlet is also always running great sales on their current merchandise. Customers who want an even better deal may want to consider browsing the clearance area as well. The outlet stores also maintain an email and mailing list. Customers on these lists will receive early notification of upcoming sales as well as additional coupons. Online coach purse outlet stores are also a great way to find the latest in authentic Coach handbags at a fraction of the price. There are several online stores that offer great deals on the most fashion trendy purses that cannot be found in a traditional store.

The products in the Coach outlet stores are never seconds quality. They always stock trendy and unique styles and colors that are on queue for the current season and trend. However, the items available in the outlet stores will not be the same as the current line of Coach available in various fine boutiques and the Coach store.

Shopping directly from the Coach purse outlet store or purchasing your Coach purse from an online outlet retailer are both great options for finding the perfect handbag. However, beware of websites and retailers that claim to sell authentic Coach items, but instead sell poor quality, cheaply constructed purses. Particular online venues that shoppers need to beware of when buying designer handbags are Craigslist and eBay. Sellers on these sites may misrepresent their items or scam customers intentionally. The safest way to obtain the best bargain on designer handbags but still ensure the prestige and authenticity of one’s purchase is to shop the outlet stores.

Save Money at Garage Sales

First, know in advance what you are shopping for. When you shop for clothing, have a list of exactly which clothing items each family member needs along with their measurements. Carry a soft tape measure with you. Since items can’t be returned from a garage sale, you don’t want to make any mistakes. When shopping for an item for your home, bring an small sample of the color you are looking for. Out in the bright sun, colors may appear differently so having a color swatch helps.

Equally important to knowing what you’re looking for, is knowing how much you want to spend. Before you go garage sale shopping, know the retail price of each item you are looking for. This information makes it easier to spot a deal. Since it’s so easy to get caught up in the buying spirit, have a dollar amount in mind for what you are willing to pay for each item used. There’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing that you paid more than you wanted to.

At each garage sale, if you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask. Last month I went in search of a girls 24 inch bike. I inquired at each sale, and at the fourth sale, the lady wheeled out a beautiful Huffy bike from her garage that she wanted to sell, but forgot to set out. It was in great shape and at a great price, but I know if it had been out when the sale started, it would have been gone by the time I arrived.

Go early, or late to sales. This strategy is an easy one. The first ones to a sale get first crack at the good stuff. By attending later, sellers may be more willing to negotiate on price. You will encounter sellers who practically give stuff away just to get rid of it. Make sure you are prepared to shop. By that I mean, know where the garage sales are in advance, so you can plan the best route to take. Bring drinks and snacks, especially if you are taking the kids with you. Have singles and loose change easily accessible so you can buy quickly and move to the next sale. Be sure and wear comfortable clothing, especially shoes.

Here in Florida, entire communities hold their garage sales on the same day. Look for areas in your town that may do the same. Many sales close together helps you maximize your time, and gives you a better chance of finding what you are looking for. I have found everything I could ever hope to find at garage sales. Some of my best treasures include an English riding helmet for my daughter, the first handheld Nintendo video game (now a collectors item), and a set of china for 8 that retails for over $500 (of course I paid significantly less). Now that you know these tips and tricks, you can reel in some great deals too. Happy Hunting!

Successful Sales Shopping

  • Colour: The colour of an item is often the first thing that catches your eye. Which colours are going to be ‘on trend’ for the coming season? Don’t just be caught out by mopping up surplus colours that the shops have. However, more importantly do you know what colours really suit you? Have you had a colour analysis done recently? If not, now is a good time to have this. It will make a difference to how you look and feel and you are likely to re-coup the cost with wise buys in the sales and no more shopping mistakes in the future either.
  • Styles: Again think about the styles that suit you. Are these shapes current? It’s a good idea at this stage to try on some items from your wardrobe and look at yourself in a mirror – don’t forget to put the right shoes and tights on too! This will give you an idea of shapes to look for. Those who have had a style consultation will know which shapes flatter them, which shapes will disguise areas of the body and which sorts of styles are really in tune with their personality.
  • Fabrics: It’s worth having a careful think about fabrics; check that you know which fabrics are good for different parts of your body. For example if you have very curvy areas then fluid fabrics will be better here than stiffer ones. These stiff ones will add extra inches to areas that fluid fabrics and the eye float over! Beware some sales items are made from ‘less’ good fabrics, and although the colour and shape of an item might be just what you want, unless the fabric is good, you are likely to regret the money spent. There’s nothing more frustrating than a beautiful skirt that creases so badly you can only wear it when you are standing up.
  • Wardrobe audit: Think what colours & styles will enhance your wardrobe; think particularly about coloured items that you wear near your face.
  • List of things to look for: You are now ready to make your list – it is useful to divide it up into items that would be useful now and items that would be useful to buy and keep – especially if they are quality pieces that will not date.
  • List of things that you do not want. This is important, for example you may have lots of pairs of trousers and be tempted to buy another pair because they look a bargain. However, when you think about it you are unlikely to wear them and who knows in the next shop you might just see an item from your most wanted list!
  • Now think about smaller items – shoes, jewellery, bags. A few of these items can really add to your appearance and change the look of some of your favourite clothes.

You should now be fully prepared for your sales shopping. Keep your list with you and before you are tempted to pay for anything ensure you have a look at the list and check that you are making a wise purchase.

Shop Summer Clearance Sales

First, shelf space and warehouse storage space cost retailers money. When seasons change, they need to spare the limited space for new and needed products. So, products of less demand and rapid updates will be in the list of clearance sales. These seasonal products, like bathing suits, camping gears, sunglasses are of high quality and low cost, you can make a decent deal.

Second, clearance sales may be just part of marketing strategy, for example to enlarge the sales volume and enhance brand conscious. Retailers need a tempting name to attract customers. Though the deep discounts can only bring low profits, but these activities could win customers’ attention and large sales volume, which will be favorable to the brand construction and public praise. These products on sale will not be restricted to seasonal products. You can also find fashionable clothing and new arrivals at attractive prices.

Then, you can learn how to shop clearance sales. First, make a good plan of clearance sales shopping, including a list of things you need, shopping budget, sales information collection and comparison. Without a good plan, you are most likely to lose yourself in those striking and appealing sales. When collecting sales information, the best way is to subscribe emails of your interested stores. Retailers will first send sales information to their subscribers and members. So, after you make a good shopping plan, you need to get your products as soon as possible, as clearance sales are always of limited time and limited quantity. Sales products that left are always of less cost performance. When shopping online, another important thing you need to pay attention to is the shipping costs. Some products are in big discounts, but are not free shipping. So, before checking out, do the math first.

Mistakes Can Avoid on Festive Sale

Plan well in advance of what you want to buy

I hit the high street after hearing all sorts of news reports of heavy discounts being offered and the huge queue of people getting a good bargain. I didn’t had really an idea of what I wanted, which shop to go and ended up buying something I didn’t want.

Do your homework on price comparisons

I didn’t compare the prices from various high street providers and just bought something at the first shop, assuming that was the best price. When I went to the next shop, they were selling pretty much at the same price, however were giving some additional goodies which could have helped us.

Heavy items

Not all high street shops will be considerate to store your goods while you continue your shopping, as space is premium. We bought something heavy at the first shop, and had to carry out the thing all around, which was not helping. We should have planned adequately so that we buy the heavy stuff at the end rather at the beginning.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Sales Shopping

If you usually wander around them aimlessly picking up a few ‘bargains’ here and there, things that you don’t really need and later regret buying, read on

  • Avoid the shops that roll out rails and rails of clothes stock from previous seasons. If no-one wanted them in Winter ’07 or ’06, why would you want them now?
  • Avoid high fashion items that are on their way out. Instead look for good quality investment items that won’t date such as cashmere sweaters, leather jackets and wool coats. You’ll be able to wear them for seasons and seasons to come and will be proud that you got such a good bargain.
  • If you come across an item that you really love but can’t afford in this season’s collections, don’t despair. Keep an eye on the price tag throughout December to see if the price falls drastically. If not, find a helpful assistant and ask when the item will be going in the sales and what the price will be. Sales assistants often have this information and by asking them for it you can ensure that you turn up on the right day, at the right time and go away with something you really want.
  • Have a good look through the underwear section. A certain design or colour of bra might not have been the season’s best-seller but if it is the right size and does the job it doesn’t matter – most people will never see it! Often bras can be picked up for half price or lower in the January sales and although they may not end up being your favourite special occasion bras they’re ideal for everyday use.
  • If you’re a regular attendee of glitzy evening events, parties and balls, plan ahead and get your cocktail dresses in the sales. There is usually a good selection left over after Christmas and they won’t date too quickly.
  • As with all clothes shopping, make sure the items you buy really suit your colouring and show off your figure. If you’re not sure about the colours and styles that suit you best, book a colour analysis and style consultation before you hit the sales. The initial cost may seem expensive but in the long run they will save you money on costly mistakes. Alternatively, why not book a style consultant for some personal shopping. They will give you an honest opinion and won’t let you buy unflattering items just because they are cheap. Instead they will find you bargains that really bring out the best in you.

Website to Encourage Sales

The first sale

It starts when the customer arrives on your website. You need to make sure that the customer can find what they want and has the confidence to add that item to the shopping basket and continue to the checkout and pay. It sounds simple, but you can loose a lit of business along the way.

Making sure that the potential customer can find what they want is simple. Make the site navigation simple and easy to follow and well categorised. Make the categories clear so that the potential customer can find what they are looking for by clicking an obvious category. Also add a search box somewhere to the header, or to a side bar. This way they can search for the item if they are not sure where to find it.

Now they have found what they want provide good quality photographs of the image with full details. If you are asked questions about certain items, add the answers to the item description. Spell out everything that the customer might want to know and make it easy for them to find out more.

Part of this is to spell out what taxes and postage is included or needs to be added. Many customers will add an item to the basket only to abandon it when they see there is postage to be added on. Even if the price is still competitive, the surprise of suddenly adding tax and postage can scare them off. State what these are at item level.

Now, add some sales

Getting that first item into the basket is essential, but getting more items in the basket is vital and where the profit can really roll in. This can either be through more normal priced products or sales add on.

By using a custom shopping basket you can examine the basket contents to see what is in it and look at other buyers’ baskets to see what similar products they have also bought. Suggest to the customer at the end of the basket that they might also like to view these items.

Alternately, maybe in conjunction with the items in the basket, offer add on sales of discounted items. Or make offers such as free postage with certain basket amounts. Take a look at your average basket amount over the previous month and make an offer of a free product or free postage when the total basket is, for example, about 10% more than the average. Run that for a month and see if your average basket has increased. If so, try the trick again until you find you cannot push the value any more.

Offer alternatives

Just because the visitor is looking at a certain item does not mean that is what they want to buy. So keep a track of what previous customers have looked at and finally bought. Tell the visitor that customers looking at that item in the past have previously ended up buying certain other products. They might then buy the alternative, or buy both!