Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses for women have continued to be so popular among women since the 1970-s because of their appeal and the various styles they come in. Any women who has grown up during the 1980-s must have witnessed the increased hype around aviators after Hollywood actor Tom Cruise sported them in one of his movies – “Top Gun”. Since that time, both women and men worldwide have worn them. Men seem to have an affinity for the police aviators while women seem love to the aviators sported by female celebrities. Aviator sunglasses also enjoy widespread patronage among people who work in the air force and the military. Everybody is well aware of how much pilots, whether they are men or women, are in love with their aviators.

Aviator sunglasses for women are very light in terms of weight and yet they are sturdy and strong. They are made of oval lenses, which often come in different types of colors. Sometimes the lighter aviators consist of plastic lenses that enable the women to wear them for a long period without feeling any discomfort. The most preferred colors by women are charcoal, blue, brown and grey.

The lenses of aviator sunglasses for women are made from protection films with maximum protection level of UV 400. These provide protection of the eyes and the eyelids from sunrays and are equally effective against both UVB and UVA rays. Majority of aviators have frames made up of nickel but some of them also come with frames made up of plastic. These frames help the sunglasses in terms of their light weight.

Firstly, aviator sunglasses for women are designed to cover the eyes fully and sometimes they even cover parts of the cheeks. These are capable of protecting the eyes from both wind and debris and other types of dust. Secondly, these sunglasses make for very appropriate accessories because there is one type meant for every type of dress out there. Thirdly, many women prefer to wear these aviators because they feel it helps them with getting a face in this faceless world. A face covered with big aviator sunglasses for women is an instant eye-catcher and women choose to have that power of attraction on their side.