Tricks to Save While Shopping

Set a budget before starting out on your shopping trip

Setting a budget is probably the one single most important step that can save on every shopping trip. We all have a general idea of what we intend to buy and what the average cost of items will be. Once you have worked out the final amount that you need to spend on your entire purchase, set a goal to accomplish this by spending 30% less

This may take some time initially when you begin, but once you have saved on the first two shopping trips, it will become a habit.

Use Store wide Coupons and Sales

One of the simplest ways to get the 30% saving is to look for Retailers and Stores that are running sales on the items you need. Storewide Coupons are similar to getting an item on sale and you can get these coupons online or in your local newspaper. Sometimes you can get valuable coupons by a simple internet search on one of the popular search engines

Many stores issue percent off coupons valid for one item only, sometimes on entire purchase. If you look for coupons from stores where you intend to shop it is the easiest method of achieving the 30% saving that you aimed for. Another method of procuring coupons on a regular basis is to become a member of one or more coupon websites that provide active coupons from different retailers

Time your shopping: Use Off-Season Sales and Discounts

If the items you are shopping for are not needed urgently you can time your purchases to coincide with major sale events like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Many retailers also have regular annual, biannual and end of season clearance sales. These events normally have deep discounts like 70% to 80% off and they are the best time to stock up for gifts etc when you need to buy lots of stuff on a limited budget. It is fairly easy to do this as all of us plan well in advance when buying Holiday gifts for family and friends

Stray from your budget only for very good reasons

Why is it that as soon as we enter a store we end up buying something completely unplanned and nowhere in the list of items to be purchased. There goes the budget and we are off track from the first buy. Another most common reason for straying off budget is when you pay an exorbitant price for something that you could have bought at a much lower amount by just planning or waiting a wee bit longer

Well I won’t ask you to resist the urge to buy when you are absolutely dying to, but I will add here to be prepared with a storewide coupon so that you can take the edge off the full price of a new arrival in the store