Use Motorcycle Scarf

The most common and absolute best type is the 100% silk motorcycle scarf. Another type is known as a doo-rag, are made from a hundred percent cotton, and usually are the size of approximately 22 x 22 inches. They are very functional and some people find it to be fashionable and extremely a macho accessory for bikers. There are different techniques and ways of wearing a bandana. Here are some of them:

Standard Method. You first fold the bandana in half in order to create a triangle. Then you place the center of the longest side of the bandana on your forehead and you should bring the ends together at the back of the neck. After that you tie it loosely. The next thing that you would do is to gently push the excess material hanging over the knot underneath.

You do this so that the knot is holding the excess material in place. And for you to keep the motorcycle scarf tied securely in place, you could tighten the knot further. The next method that you could do with your bandana is called the Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out.

Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out. Again, you fold the bandana to create a triangle. You then roll or fold from the longest side towards the shortest side. And then, you should place the rolled scarf on your forehead and then tie it securely at the back or in the front, if you like. Next method is Headband or the Sweatband, Points In.
Headband or the Sweatband, Points In. This is similar with the Headband or the Sweatband, Points Out. However they differ in the rolling/folding part. In this method, you should roll or fold from the points towards the longest side. Then you could tie it securely again at the back, or in front.

Some fast facts about bandanas, they are also known as: kerchief, scarf, skullcap, head rag, head wrap, sweat rag and doo-rag. The word “bandana” has a probable Portuguese origin. Most popular patterns are: Pirate, Eagle, Skull, Flame, Paisley and Flags. There are hundreds of different designs and styles to choose from actually. They are readily available worldwide.

Some suggestions, tips and warnings for those who want to buy a motorcycle bandana. If you pick a bandana be sure it is made from one hundred percent pure cotton. It is also a good thing to know that bandanas are washable, durable and inexpensive all at the same time.

And when wearing it, you should place the motorcycle scarf or bandana low on the forehead. Doing so will reduce the chances of the bandana getting caught in the wind. Plus, your hairline should never show at the front of the bandana, or it will just slip backwards and it might come off while riding.

So there you go boys, more ways to wear your motorcycle scarf than the style you ride your motorcycle down the road. Just make sure you fasten them securely on your head to avoid the wind from taking it all away from you!