Versitile Headband

Boogie 80s theme has been a massive hit for people who want to relive the good old days and who can forget the big hair, spangle bracelets and fluorescent leg warmers and headbands. Now you can really let your imagination run wild and create that 80s look. Great for that party night out with friends, stag and hen dos or even for the more energetic amongst us, the charity fun runs. Really stand out from the crowd and be seen.

Without a doubt the style icon of the 80s is the neon headband. They are so versatile and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Including plastic, fabric, toothed and novelty. The Alice bands headbands are by far the most adaptable. They can be made into anything with the ease. They can be straight, wavy or angled. They can also be decorated with anything you can dream up, all you need is a little imagination. A bit of glue, flowers, jewels and bits and bobs you find around the house you can customize that old boring headband into a one off creation. You may find the shops don’t have exactly what your looking for, this way its your choice and unique style. You could even personalize them for each member of the party. A group of men on a stag do wouldn’t look out of place wearing neon leg warmers and brightly colored headbands. If fact they would probably enjoy it, but wouldn’t admit it to you.

With headbands being so cheep, especially if you buy in bulk, the possibilities are endless. Why stop at owning just one you could have a few, each one matching those different outfits. And lets face it, its a way of brightening up those dull clothes stuck at the back of the wardrobe, the ones you thought you’d never wear again but never got round to throwing out. You could transform that outfit giving it years of life left in it saving you money in the long run.

Headbands are great for the kid’s school projects and school plays. The next time one of your little darlings comes home saying they’ve been picked to play something ridiculous in the school production, think how easily you can make something out of a headband. You could be the envy of all the other parents with wonderful relatively cheep unique creations.